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Product type

  • Tubes

    Tubes are hollow shoelaces without any filling, so they have an effect of a flat knit. Generally they are lighter and more bendable then the shoelaces with filling. These shoelaces featurs better elasticity and lower absorptivity.
  • Tubes with filling

    These are composite shoelaces, composed of a filling and braiding. The fillig can be made from various materials with various absorptivity, resistence, strength, elasticity and other technical properties, that affect basically the final properties of the shoelace. Especially interesting are the shoelaces with filling from high-strength materials as Kevlar, Basalt or Dyneema.
    The braiding is made from various materials, whose properties basically affect final, especially surface properties of the shoelace. The surface (braiding) can be further chemical finished or treated by using of some materials. For example the cotton shoelaces are waxed for higher adhesion of round thick shoelaces or for better linear light reflectance, so for gloss effect like leather. An other treatment of both braiding and filling is the hydro-treatment. Thanks to special chemical agents the textile structures are getting cross-linked to forbid water molecules to penetrate into the shoelace. There are the best results after the hydro-treatment, they meet standards of Gore for the water resistant materials.
  • Flat shoelaces

    The flat shoelaces are made by a different technology from the round shoelaces. This technology is called weaving and its final product is a woven braid with a high linear strength and a low dilatability. Woven shoelaces are composed of two materials, the first one is in the texture and the other one in the abb, or they are made from one sort of yarn as a one-sort shoelace. The flat shoelaces are very popular due to their high strength and interesting design, that is a result of using of many already developed designs or new desings according to customers request. We are able to combine both colours and materials. These shoelaces can be also waxed or finished by the hydro-treatment.
  • Knitwear

    This sort of shoelaces is made by a different technology from the woven shoelaces as well as from the braided hollow shoelaces and those with filling. Knitwear shoelace is very "airy", feels very soft, it has the highest volume-weight-ratio of all sorts. It is a very touch-comfortable product and with all its volume, it is elastic and in accordance with the used material adequately strong. However the most important advantage of this product is its low price. Because of the low material usage for 1 m of the shoelace is the price well lower than the price of other shoelaces. These knitwear shoelaces are produced both as tubes and with filling.
  • Curly laces

    Spirals or curly laces are fit for children´s shoes, because they have not to be laced repeatedly thanks to their higt elasticity.
    These wonderful curly laces are used by:
    • Parents and grand-parents
    • Primary schools
    • Churches
    • Doctors
    • Artritis patients
    • Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers
    • Foster homes for children
    • Hospitals, physiotherapy centres
    • Nursing-homes
    • Patients with spine deseases or after operations
    • Big companies
    • Universities / colleges
    Curly laces are made from polyester with the type mark 4250583 in following lengths:
    number of turns length of the shoelace
    22 80 cm
    32 90 cm
    42 110 cm

    Curly laces are made standardly in more colours and designs, it is possible to make your own design, colour or length, please see the colour table for polyester. The summary of standard colours and designs you can find in the following table:

    4250583 S 0003
    4250583 S 1108
    4250583 S 1376
    4250583 S 2124
    4250583 S 3119
    4250583 S 4829
    4250583 S 4904
    4250583 S 5474
    4250583 S 5498
    4250583 S 9001
    4250583 D 01
    4250583 D 02
    4250583 D 03

  • Skate shoelaces

    The sk8er shoelaces have their own original style. They are made in various colours and lengths.

    • Length: most commonly 120 and 140 cm
    • Material: 100% polyester
    • Width of the shoelace: 18 mm
    • Shoelace mark: 4250783

    4250783 T 0000
    4250783 S 1376
    4250783 S 1408
    4250783 S 3119
    4250783 S 3403
    4250783 S 4712
    4250783 S 5674
    4250783 S 6547
    4250783 T 9001

    Further colours in accordance with the colour table for polyester.
  • Free lace

    Free-laces are perfect elastic shoelaces, they hold fast the feet and are getting unlaced on no condition. They are made in various colours and any lengths from 100% polyester.

    We produce following model lines:
    This model is fit for elegant street shoes. The most commonly used lengths of these shoelaces are 50 a 60 cm.
    Model "SPORT" fits for collective as well as individual sports like basketball, volleyball, football / soccer, marathon etc. The most common lengths are 40, 50, 60 a 75 cm.

    4250788 T 0000
    4250788 S 1108
    4250788 S 2127
    4250788 S 3119
    4250788 S 5474
    4250788 S 7929
    4250788 S 8765

    Further colours in accordance with the colour table for polyester.


Our shoelaces are cut from an endless lace to the required lengths and then equipped with endings of various materials. There are many combinations, traditionally we are using first of all the following endings:
  • 4 mm celluloid - the shoelace is ended on both sides with a high strength celluloid ending length 4 mm
  • 12,5 mm celluloid - the shoelace is ended on both sides with a high strength celluloid ending length 12,5 mm
  • 17,5 mm celluloid - the shoelace is ended on both sides with a high strength celluloid ending length 17,5 mm
  • 20,0 mm celluloid - the shoelace is ended on both sides with a high strength celluloid ending length 20 mm
  • 12,5 mm aluminium - the shoelace is ended on both sides with a thermoresistant and chemicaly stable aluminium plate length 12,5 mm
  • without any ending - shoelaces are only cut to the required length
The diameter of the ending is generally given by the diameter of the shoelace. Mostely is the diameter of the ending about 5 - 10 % smaller than the diameter of the shoelace.


Cotton, polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, flax and combinations of those materials


The shoelaces from cotton, polyamide, flax and polyester are dyed in our own dye-house. By the technology of high-pressure dyeing we can reach the best results and our final colour shades reach the highest brightness. The colour scale of our dye-house is unlimited, we can produce dye-prescriptions direct by request of a customer, who can send us his required colour in the form of samplers, definition of the graphical RGB or printing CMYK composition of the dye, RAL-code or by an other way. However we are dyeing standardly in accordance wiht our colour tables.


Shoelaces are cut from endless knit of various desings (see on-line desings catalogue of shoelaces) to the required lengths, standardly from 40 cm to 240 cm. Then they are equipped with endings from celluloid or aluminium and adjusted to bundles, pairs and eventually packed to boxes. Shoelaces are finished by waxing, hydro-treatment, oleophobic treatment etc.

Our aid to choose the right shoelace according to number of holes in the shoe.

45 cm 3
60 cm 4
80 cm 5
90 cm 6
100 cm 7
120 cm 8
140 cm 9
160 cm 10
180 cm >10

Product application

Our shoelaces are used first of all for:
  • street shoes
  • sport shoes
  • trekking shoes
  • industrial footwear
  • military boots
  • fire boots
  • children´s shoes
  • healthy shoes
  • hi-tech shoes for rescue teams


Shoelaces are delivered in many various adjustments from separate pairs to industrial adjustment of hundreds and thousands pairs in cardboard boxes:
  • Industrial adjustment
    • 1000 pairs in a package = 20 bundles of 50 pairs, without a label
    • 500 pairs in a package = 10 bundles of 50 pairs, without a label
  • One-pair adjustment
    • packet - 5, 10, 20 and 25 pairs in a packet
    • bag - 4 pairs
    • box - 1 pair, 12 pairs
    • small carton - 3 boxes in a carton
    • big carton - 3 boxes in a carton
    • cartons in the sizes and with decoratings as requested or cartons with logo of Odetka
    • do blistrů - 1 pair/blistr inclusive of product insert with informations in accordance with the customers request

Company identification

Odetka a.s.
Dělnická 157
793 26 Vrbno pod Pradědem
Czech Republic

Tel: 00420 554 703 211
Fax: 00420 554 752 157
Email: odetka@odetka.cz

Reg. No.: 45192171
VAT: CZ45192171

Registered in company register in Ostrava city, Czech Republic,
section B, folder 377