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Construction cords

Product type

Braided hollow cord


Braiding on braiding machines with 8, 12 and 16 carriers


We produce construction cords mainly from polypropylene and polyethylene monofilament. Nevertheless according to customers wish we are able to produce cords from other material on the basis of customers technical specifications.
Alternative materials could be
  • cotton - for natural degradability in nature. Those cords are completely natural and so it desintegrate soon.
  • dyneema - for very hight tenacity and abrasion resistance. Cord made of dyneema have high slipperiness, so it does not nail on stumps on plaster and is very handy.
  • kevlar - for heat resistance. Cords made of kevlar are mechanically, chemically and thermally very resistant. They can resists temperatures up to 450°C. They suist there, where is worked with open fire.
  • polyester, linen, steel - in accordance to customers request we are ready to develope any cord with requested properties and desired design

Colors, design and finish

We usually produce construction cords in those color combinations
  • Construction cord type 4210593
    4210593 D 01
    4210593 D 02
  • Construction cord type 4210594
    4210594 D 01
    4210594 D 02
  • Construction cord type 4210603
    4210603 V 0522
    4210603 V 0221

Other arbitrary color combinations are able, minimum order in that case would be 100kg (eventually less according to dyied yarn stock availibility)

Application of construction cords

Construction cords are used in masonry, for definig future lines of walls, hollows, etc.


We usually supply construction cords on spools with defined lenghts (30 m, 50 m, 100 m, 2100 m, 6500 m). With bigger orders we can spool construction cords on any spool according to customers request.

Company identification

Odetka a.s.
Dělnická 157
793 26 Vrbno pod Pradědem
Czech Republic

Tel: 00420 554 703 211
Fax: 00420 554 752 157
Email: odetka@odetka.cz

Reg. No.: 45192171
VAT: CZ45192171

Registered in company register in Ostrava city, Czech Republic,
section B, folder 377